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I did this course for the purpose of becoming a manager of a Hotel / Motel and to expand my current knowledge for when it comes to opening my own business. This course was so helpful and my Tutor Angela Manning was wonderful. Marked assignments almost immediately, gave me feedback and assistance on the same day I emailed her. Totally worth it, and such a great way to learn that I’m embarking on another course. Thank you all.


Thank you for all of the help and support I received during my experience with you. I found my course interesting, challenging and relevant. The support in all areas was constant and appreciated. At no time was I left to feel ‘distant’. The work was marked quickly and assistance was prompt and constructive. The teachers were easy to approach, positive, and very helpful. The learning materials were easy to understand and progressive which simplified the learning process. This was one of the greatest learning experiences I have had and not only would I recommend this experience to others, I would encourage it.


I am a stay at home mum of two children, five and three years, and decided I wanted a change in career paths, so I decided to study at home and online. I found with personal dedication and online assistance when ever I needed it that my course was educational, insightful, challenging, but most of all enjoyable to complete. I now look forward to putting my new qualifications to work.

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